Henry 6 In. x 25 Ft. Yellow Glass Reinforcing Fabric

Henry 6 In. x 25 Ft. Yellow Glass Reinforcing Fabric

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Yellow resin-coated glass fabric is a woven fabric made of yarns of inert, flexible filaments of pure glass. It has a 20 x 10 mesh thread count. It has a tensile strength of 75 lb./in., stability and durability, and is acid and heat-resistant and will not rot or decay. The special yellow resin coating on the fabric minimizes distortion and is compatible with asphalt and coal tar cements and coatings, emulsions, solvent-based and hot-melt types. Since the yellow color is conspicuous if not completely covered, it also aids quality workmanship. Usage: The fabric is designed to reinforce roof cement and coatings when used in roof repair work, for flashings, and for sealing seams in metal and composition roofs. It is also used in below-grade waterproofing applications, tank lining systems, and for waterproofing planter boxes. Application: Apply roof cement approximately 1/8" thick, or coating approximately 1/16" thick, or as specified. Embed product smoothly, without wrinkles or buckles. Top coat the fabric with roof cement or coating of the same thickness as the embedding coat, or as specified, making sure the glass is entirely covered.

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