Why should I purchase my Weber grill or Big Green Egg from Hemlock Hardware?

For starters Hemlock Hardware offers assembly, delivery and removal of your old grill NEXT DAY. Next we guarantee to be the lowest price on every grill we sell and we will beat any price anytime on any of our models. With over 25 years of experience selling, assembling, and repairing Weber Grills you are not purchasing from an ordinary dealer. Hemlock Hardware stands behind every product that we sell and every customer who makes a purchase from us. Being a Certified Weber Dealer and a Certified Weber Service Agent we are able to deliver unrivaled customer support throughout the life of your grill. Our on demand Grill Concierge Service is support unlike anything you will find anywhere today. Purchase your grill today from Hemlock Hardware and know that you have made a purchase from a trusted dealer that stands behind all of their products and all of the customers who purchased them. All with the Hemlock Hardware LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE!

Why should I buy a Weber brand gas grill?

The Weber line of gas grills are simply the best grills you can buy in this price range and beyond. These Weber models are engineered to outlast and outperform any grill on the market!

What is a Weber Special Edition? What is the difference between a Weber Genesis E-310, E-330 and a Weber Genesis EP-310, EP-320?

Hemlock Hardware is proud to sell the "exclusive" Weber Genesis Premium model grills. These grills are Weber’s top of the line offerings. With Solid Stainless Steel Rods for Cooking grates and Stainless Steel Flavorizer bars instead of porcelain coated cast iron these units will outlast any grill on the market AND require less maintenance. Stainless Steel requires less maintenance, heats up quicker, lasts longer (backed by a longer warranty), no worry of porcelain paint chipping off causing rust and decay. Buying a Weber Genesis Special Edition equals grilling with low maintenance and low worry! In a recent poll asked to professional chefs which grill cooking surface do they prefer 86.4% voted Stainless Steel.

My LP gas grill won’t heat up past 300 F?

Since 1995 all regulators (the part that attaches to the gas tank to regulate the flow of gas) have included a safety device that restricts the flow of gas in the event of a gas leak. This safety device can be inadvertently activated in two ways, putting the grill into what is commonly called "bypass". The first way for the device to be activated is to leave one or more burner control knobs in the "ON" position when the LP cylinder valve is opened. The second is not to wait long enough to "start" the grill after opening the LP cylinder valve. The safety device in the regulator is activated each time that the LP cylinder valve is opened. The device resets itself when the gas pressure equalizes between the closed burner control valve and the regulator, through the hose. If a burner control knob is turned on before the gas pressure can equalize, the device will remain in "bypass". The length of time necessary to wait to "start" the grill after turning on the LP cylinder valve is dependent on the length of the hose and outside air temperature. It is always good practice to wait a few seconds after opening the LP cylinder valve before turning on the burner control knob to start the grill. Keep in mind that the safety device reacts to a gas leak. If a grill is in bypass, the gas connections and hose should be tested for leaks with a soap and water solution. If the grill is in bypass, after checking for gas leaks, do the following to get the grill out of bypass:

Cart Based Models

Close the LP tank valve Turn all burner control knobs to the OFF position

Now, start the grill by doing the following:

Open the grill lid Turn the LP tank valve until it is completely open Wait several seconds Turn the front burner to the HI/Start position Press the igniter until the burner is lit Turn remaining burners to High Close the lid The grill should preheat to 500-550 degrees in 10-15 minutes

Models with a side burner

If experiencing low temperatures on a grill with a side burner, such as the Genesis E/S 320, check to be sure that the side burner control knob was not left on. If the control knob was left on after the grill has been turned off, this can cause the grill to go into bypass.

The paint on the inside of my lid is peeling. What should I do?

Don't worry, it's not paint. The inside surfaces of our grill lids are not painted, they are coated with baked-on porcelain enamel which cannot peel. What you are noticing is a deposit of grease and smoke that collects during normal use. During use, the grease and smoke vapors slowly oxidize into carbon and collect on the inside of your lid. This deposit will eventually peel, and looks very similar to paint. The peeling normally starts in the center of the lid and spreads outward. It may come off in sheets or flakes, and is shiny on one side and dull on the other. These carbon deposits are non-toxic. But you might want to regularly remove the build-up. Fortunately, the peeling is easy to remove. Simply brush off all loose particles with a stainless steel brush before you start grilling. To prevent future build-up, after every grilling session, while the grill lid is warm-not hot-wipe it with paper towels or a mild soap-and-water solution.

Can I purchase a conversion kit for my Weber Grill to run on a different gas type? From LP to NG or NG to LP or to run on bulk propane?

No. Due to the complexity of the technology and gas train components and the level of disassembly that would have to be performed, Weber does not allow conversions or offer any kits. This decision was made in the interest of safety.

My grill will not light. What could be the reason?

Electronic igniters must be pushed and held until it clicks. If pushing the igniter button does not light main burners, and you cannot hear the igniter sparking: Check that there is a battery in the battery holder. Check that the battery has been installed in the battery holder properly. The positive end of the battery goes into the holder "up". Is the cap of the battery holder screwed on tightly? Are the white wires connected from the battery holder to the ignition module? Finally replace the battery with a new unused AA battery.

There is a humming noise coming from my regulator what is causing that?

Humming or whistling from the regulator: Outside temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and the gas level within the tank may cause the rubber diaphragm inside the regulator to vibrate, making a humming or whistling sound. Although this sound may be alarming, this is NOT dangerous as long as it is not accompanied by the smell of gas. If the humming sound persists, a change in atmospheric conditions will eventually stop the vibration.

Do I need to shut off the propane tank when not in use?

Yes. The gas must be turned off at the liquid propane cylinder when the grill is not in use.

Does the gas need to be shut off at the natural gas supply when not in use?

Yes. The gas must be shut off at the natural gas supply when the grill is not in use.

Does my propane tank have an expiration date?

Yes. All tanks have a date stamped on the collar that represents the manufacture date. All tanks must be requalified within 12 years of the manufacture date.

How often do I need a new grill brush?

Weber recommends that grillers check their grill brush for loose bristles and excessive wear on a regular basis. Brushes should be replaced if the brush head is burned, split or distorted from heat or if any loose bristles are found on the brush or grill. Always inspect the surface of the cooking grate for wire bristles and other residue or material that may be dangerous if ingested, before placing food on the grate. Weber recommends purchasing a new stainless steel grill brush at the beginning of every Spring.

Do I need to cover my grill?

We recommend the use of a cover to protect Weber grills from the elements and to keep the grill clean.

My grill cabinet doors are not even. What do I do?

The doors may just need to be aligned. Check the adjustment pin on the bottom of each door. Loosen adjustment nut(s). Slide door(s) until aligned. Tighten nut. Also check to see if you are on level ground. Flagstone, brick and grass surfaces tend not to be level causing the doors to appear uneven.

Should I oil my grates before cooking?

It is always a better idea to oil your food then place them on your grill.